Log basket - Also great for the Supermarket shopping - no more carrier bags! Log basket - Also great for the Supermarket shopping - no more carrier bags!


Our baskets are
on the Island of
Great Bernera
in the Western Isles

We use traditional basket making techniques to create a range of baskets which are both beautiful and useful.

An example of the wonderful variety of colours available in our local Willows and Dogwood

We can produce baskets for displays and props

Fish - Seaweed - Potatoes - Peats all were carried by creel
Traditional Creel

Instructions for
making a
traditional creel

Willow Workshops

Living Willow Sculptures
Beginners Baskets
Garden Hurdles

Course Dates 2010

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Willow Sculpture adventure

Each basket is made to fit a purpose.
You decide what kind of basket will enhance your life.



If the basket is to be a gift celebrating a birthday or housewarming for example, we can make kindling baskets, log baskets, shopping baskets etc... and provide them gift wrapped!


Hebridean Baskets - Example Prices
Log or Shopping Basket


Traditional Hebridean Creel Height




Small Shopping Basket Height
Laundry Basket


We can also give demonstrations of Willow Skills to add extra interest to suitable local events


Hebridean Baskets Course Dates 2010

A small round shopping basket - it is superb with fresh produce and other treats

Whenever possible we use locally grown varieties of willow and other basket making materials.

A laundry basket with a lid - also useful for fuel supplies

Come to a
workshop and
Willow Skills

Discuss what you want
us to create for you:

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Great Bernera
Western Isles

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