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Gadwall by Terry Fountain



Hebrides Bird Sightings Pages : Information sources

Thank-you to everyone who shares their bird sightings, their bird pictures, the information that they have found and their observations of bird behaviour.

Thanks also to those birders that I have sought further information from. All have done their best to help. There is a wealth of experience out there.


Following are some of the online sources:

The Outer Hebrides Birds Checklist is downloadable as a Word Document as well as in PDF (if on dial-up give it a couple of minutes to download) It is a great indication of what you might find and how rare it is here.


British Trust for Ornithology
Very informative A - Z of bird species and much more besides.
Robinson, R.A. (2005) BirdFacts: profiles of birds occurring in Britain & Ireland (v1.1, Jan 2006). BTO Research Report 407, BTO, Thetford


The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Very informative A - Z of bird species. Includes an extensive birdcall collection.

A web-based, free content encyclopedia project.
The Wikipedia is a collaborative web site.

Owl Trust
Very detailed information about owls.

Bird Guides
Lots of free information on species.
Also superb subscriber services for sightings etc - if you want to see the very rare birds then a text alert subscription is highly recommended.

Rare Bird Alert
Subscriber services only.
Sightings and extensive bird information, if you want to see the very rare birds then a text alert subscription is highly recommended.



Outer Hebrides Bird Report Cover

Outer Hebrides Bird Report
Published Annually by the Outer Hebrides Bird Group

The Outer Hebrides Bird Report 2005-2006 is available.
Price is £8.50 which includes p & p.
Reports are available from Brian Rabbitts, 6 Carinish, Isle of North Uist HS6 5HL
(cheques payable to Outer Hebrides Bird Report).

Read more about the Outer Hebrides Bird Report


Birds of the Outer Hebrides
Peter Cunningham
Mercat Press
ISBN 0 906664 000


Collins Bird Guide: The Most Complete Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe
Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney, Dan Zetterstrom and Peter J Grant
Publisher: Collins
ISBN: 0007113323

Birds Britannica
Mark Cocker and Richard Mabey
Publisher: Chatto & Windus
ISBN: 0701169079


None of the information in the bird section has been directly copied from the written sources.
My sincere apologies for any mistakes made when I have misinterpreted things and put them into my own words. Corrections are always gratefully welcomed!


Top picture Gadwall by Terry Fountain

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