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(Red-billed Chough, Cornish Chough)

Pyrrhhocorax pyrrhhocorax


  • Chough
  • Pyrrhhocorax pyrrhhocorax
  • UK: Resident breeder
  • UK: AMBER LIST. 462 pairs (summer) BTO
  • WI: Rare visitor (30 or less records) TBC
  • Breeding: Pairs for life. Lays 3 eggs. Wool-lined stick nest in cave or crevice in a cliff-face. High mountains & Coastal seacliffs. Resident in Europe, Asia, Ethiopia
  • Habitat: Rocky coasts, ope n rocky country
  • Diet: Feeds on short grassland or machair, foraging surface for insects, larvae, seeds, berries . Often feeds in flocks
  • Glossy sooty-black Crow. Medium-sized (39-40cm, 15-16in length). Bill red, long & downward curved. Red legs. Sexes similar. Juvenile less glossy with dull-orange bill & pink legs until first autumn. Acrobatic aerial flying displays with folded wings plunging. Approachable
  • Max recorded age 16yrs 8mths
  • Listen to a Chough (RSPB site) Call loud, ringing
  • Similar birds, Jackdaw, Rook, Carrion Crow

The Chough's name is pronounced 'Chuff'.

Although the Chough population is Europe is doing well, in the UK the species is in decline, this is thought likely to be due to changes in agricultural practices.


Chough records in the Western Isles

Rare visitor (30 or less records) TBC


The chart below shows how abundant the Chough is during a month or when you are more likely to see it.













(Source: Outer Hebrides Birds Checklist)



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