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Bird Sightings : Hebrides : Long-billed Dowitcher



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Long-billed Dowitcher

Limnodromus scolopaceus


  • Long-billed Dowitcher
  • Limnodromus scolopaceus
  • UK: Accidental
  • UK: 3 records annually BTO
  • WI: Very rare visitor (five or less records) TBC
  • Breeding: Nests on ground nr water. Wet Tundra. N Siberia, Alaska, E Siberia
  • Winters: S US, Central America vagant to Europe
  • Habitat: Tundra, wet grassland (migration estuaries, beaches).Often nr fresh water
  • Diet: Forages by probing shallow water or wet mud. Mostly insects, molluscs, crustaceans aquatic worms(also some plant material)
  • Adult bird yellowish legs & very long straight dark bill. Summer body dark-brown above & reddish below. Throat & breast spotted. Bars on flanks. Tail black & white barred pattern. Winter bird mostly greyish.


A bird that breeds in places like Alaska, and usually migrates to Central & Southern America the Long-billed Dowitcher is a rare but regular vagrant to Europe. When it does reach the UK it will often stay for quite a long time.


There are some superb photographs of a Long-billed Dowitcher on Steve Round's web site


Long-billed Dowitcher records in the Western Isles

Very rare visitor (five or less records) TBC


The chart below shows how abundant the Long-billed Dowitcher is during a month or when you are more likely to see it.














(Source: Outer Hebrides Birds Checklist)



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