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Bird Sightings : Hebrides : Osprey

Bird Sightings - Osprey
View a large picture of this Osprey 130Kb


(Fish Eagle, Fish Hawk, Osprey, Seahawk)

Pandion haliaetus

Gaelic : Iolar Uisge

Photography © Martin Scott
Barvas - Isle of Lewis
8th September, 2008


"Sad end for the Osprey


Note the sat pack on the back of this bird"

Masses of information at the linked page very well worth a look

  • Osprey (Fish Eagle, Fish Hawk, Osprey, Seahawk)
  • Pandion haliaetus
  • Gaelic: Iolar Uisge
  • UK AMBER LIST. 148 pairs (Summer) BTO 4 UK nest records
  • WI: Scarce passage visitor (usually May) 1-4 records annually
  • European breeders usually generally winter in Africa. Females migrating before males . Birds fly up to 430km a day
  • Habitat: Lakes & Lochs, rivers, sea coasts (usually nests near freshwater) Some nests used for 70 yrs
  • Diet: 99% fish, caught in barb-like talons. Hovers then dives (to) 1m deep after fish (closeable nostrils). Sometimes diet includes small birds or rodents, reptiles etc.
  • Large (2ft length, 6ft wingspan). Upperparts deep shiny brown. Breast (sometimes streaked) & other underparts white. Head white with dark mask-like eye patch. Golden rises. Black bill. White feet, black talons. Tail short. Wings long & narrow with "fingers". In flight arched wings gull-like with downturned "hands". Sexes fairly similar see WIKI for detailed ID. Mates for life
  • Max recorded age 26yrs 1 month. Typical lifespan 8yrs


See a photo of an Osprey watch at the Osprey Centre Abernethy

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