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Outer Hebrides Bird Report


Outer Hebrides Bird Report Cover


Outer Hebrides Bird Report


The Outer Hebrides Bird Report has been redesigned by a team of local birders, and this new style has 250 pages, and features several plates of colour photos.

The Bird Report is a fascinating read for anyone birding here, and very useful when wanting to get an idea of how likely you are to see a bird in a particular area when narrowing down the ID, from a beginner dubious about ducks to an expert picking between pipits.

More than 170 observers across the islands, including many visitors, have contributed their sightings for compilation by the seven-strong team of experts. The report is edited by Brian Rabbitts.


To obtain a copy, send a cheque for £8.50 including p&p, made payable to "The Outer Hebrides Bird Report", to:

Brian Rabbitts
6 Carinish
Isle of North Uist
Outer Hebrides


Contents of the Outer Hebrides Bird Report 2005-2006

  • Contents page for 2005-2006 Report
  • Editorial and Acknowledgements
  • Review of 2005
  • Review of 2006
  • Systematic List
  • Introduction
  • Systematic List
  • Category D and E Species and Released, Pending, Incomplete, and Unproven Records
  • Some Omissions to 2003-2004 Report
  • Early and Late Dates for Migrants in 2005
  • Early and Late Dates for Migrants in 2006
  • List of Observers and Contributors
  • New to Outer Hebrides in 2005 - Wilson's Phalarope, Pallas's Warbler, Olive-backed Pipit, Pine Bunting
  • New to Outer Hebrides in 2006 - Isabelline Shrike, Arctic Skuas hunting waders
  • References and Sources
  • Submission of Records and Species for which descriptions are required
  • Gazetteer
  • Macro Moths new to the Outer Hebrides in 2005 and 2006
  • Addresses and Web sites
  • Maps


Extract from the Outer Hebrides Bird Report:

Barred Warbler records in the Western Isles 2005/2006

Barred Warbler
Sylvia nisoria

Scarce autumn passage visitor, August (six or seven records) to October: only three blank years since 1984 and no less than four per year since 2001 with 12 in 2002.

Lewis and Harris

Two records: one was trapped and ringed at Uigen on Sep 24th and the other was seen at South Galson on Oct 14th.


Berneray to Barra

Singles were seen at Skallary on Sep 25th, North Locheynort plantation and Gleann on Oct 4th and Langlass from 5th to 7th. There were then further records on Barra (at Northbay and Brevig as well as Gleann and Skallary) from 9th to 20th (perhaps another three different from the late Setember/early October birds.



Press Articles about the Outer Hebrides Bird Report

Article in the Telegraph online 18th February, 2008
Lamb attacks Eagle in rare animal confrontation

Also mentioned on the BBC news web site
Lamb head-butts Golden Eagle!


Article in the Scotsman online 18th February, 2009 following a rather different line
Releasing sea eagles into the wild ..... … they love killing other rare animals

Robin Reid has been examining the contents of sea eagle nests and found that the most common food eaten was seabirds, (lots of fulmars) but also mountain hare, puffin, short-eared owl, raven, red deer and lamb.


A Press and Journal article on the 22nd January, 2009 says that according to the Outer Hebrides Bird Group (OHBG) common species are being overlooked in the recording of bird life in the Western Isles.

The group say that observers tend to concentrate on notifying sightings of species rare to the islands but that noting the numbers and behaviour of common birds creates an important benchmark for future bird monitoring.

The Outer Hebrides Bird Group hopes to encourage more observers to keep an eye on their garden birds and submit counts or
notes on behaviour for future reports.

Email Brian Rabbitts the County Recorder




Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) generously provided funding not only for the report but also for the next one which the OHBG hope to publish by the end of the year.

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