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Siberian Stonechat

Saxicola torquata maurus/stejnegeri


  • Siberian Stonechat
  • Saxicola torquata maurus/stejneger
  • WI: Very rare visitor (less than 5 records) TBC (Not on the Outer Hebrides Birds Checklist)
  • Breeding: Open scrubland. Northern & Central Asia
  • Wintering: Species range is Japan, Thailand, India, and NE Africa. Occasionally reaches W Europe on migration. This sub-species?
  • Diet: Insects
  • Resembles the European Stonechat. Usually paler. Whiter below. Paler orange breast. The largest feathers on wing edges are longer (like a Whinchat's). Adult breeding male black above (not brownish). Distinctive white collar reaches further towards the nape than Euopean Stonechat's. White 'shoulder' patch. White rump (above tail). Black head. Female pale-brown above & head. White neck patches (not a full collar). Pale, unstreaked pinkish-yellow rump (above tail).
  • Similar birds: European Stonechat


The Siberian Stonechat used to be classified as a sub-species of the European Stonechat, but processes such as DNA testing have proven it to be a distinct species.

There are 5-6 sub-species of the Siberian Stonechat, Saxicola torquata maurus and Saxicola torquata stejnegeri are found across Northern and temperate Asia and are very similar.

See details of recent UK reported sightings and photographs on of a Siberian Stonechat on Birdguides (free access pages)


Siberian Stonechat records in the Western Isles

Very rare visitor (less than 5 records)

(Not on the Outer Hebrides Birds Checklist)


The chart below shows how abundant the Siberian Stonechat is during a month or when you are more likely to see it.
















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