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British Divers Marine Life Rescue, is a charity that helps rescue stranded whales, dolphins and porpoises, and abandoned, ill or injured seals

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Free Downloads : Pictures of a Whale

Wallpapers for your desktop by Kym Perry

(The photograph on the left has been chosen for one of the new BDMLR debit cards, which are an easy way to help us in our efforts to save marine mammals. More details soon....)


Picture of a whale
Picture of a whale
Picture of a whale
Sperm Whale Fluke
"Pouring Water"
Sperm Whale Fluke
"Going Down"
Sperm Whale Fluke
"Perfect Form"

There is plenty of uncluttered space in these pictures for your icons if you wish to use the pictures for your desktop.

How to use as a Wallpaper

(1) Click on this screen resolution next to your chosen image, please allow the image to load fully. (2) Place your mouse over this large image and right-click. (3) Select 'Set As Wallpaper' or 'Set as Background' from the menu.

This wallpaper is free for personal wallpaper use only.
Any other use is in breach of copyright which remains with
The photographer.


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