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British Divers Marine Life Rescue, is a charity that helps rescue stranded whales, dolphins and porpoises, and abandoned, ill or injured seals

EMERGENCY 01825 765 546

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BDMLR HEADQUARTERS 24 hour - Tel: 01825 765546

If anyone sees a seal pup, whale, dolphin or porpoise that they think may be in need of help please telephone this number. (Store it in your mobile phone)

Read how to assess if you need to get help if you think a pup is ill or has been abandoned by it's mother. Did you know some seal pups cannot swim? Abandoned or Injured Seal Pups


Picture of a WhaleScottish Strandings Co-ordinator (Dead Strandings)

Telephone: 01463 243 030

Please report any dead srandings for the purpose of invaluable scientific research, that can be used to help us to be achieve more successful floatations.

The strandings co-ordinator also gets them removed.



BDMLR Western Isles Area Co-ordinator

Julie Sievewright (Area Co-ordinator) is our main contact for anything regarding the work the group is doing:

Telephone: 07979947664



More about becoming a Western Isles Marine Mammal Medic or fundraising

To find out more information, or put your name on the list to do the Marine Mammal Medic course in Spring 2008:

Please contact Julie:

Telephone: 07979947664



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