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Western Isles wildflowers is a collection of information about our Hebridean wildflowers including identification hints, traditional herbal uses and general plant lore.


What is Flowering : March


White Flowers:

Wildflower : Daisies

There are a few daisies about.

Ramsons (wild garlic - native) and snowdrops are flowering in the Stornoway Castle grounds near the college entrance.


The winter heliotrope is still flowering in the Castle Grounds in Stornoway, some is now nearly a foot tall. (See some near the Woodland Centre)

Wildflowers : Hairy Bitter Cress


The hairy bitter cress has begun this year's bid to take over the world (starting in our gardens)

The shrub the Engish laurel, (cherry laurel) which looks in leaf rather like a rhododendron, has small white flowers and is just beginning to flower in the Stornoway Castle grounds.


Yellow Flowers:

There are a few more wild primroses open now.

Wildflowers : Celandine

The first celandine flowers are following the sun.

A dandelion or two is giving us a splash of welcome colour.

Groundsel has started to flower in sunny sheltered places - another contender for the garden takeover bid...

Gorse is in flower.
There are a few gorse species, each with different flowering times, so at least one variety of gorse is usually flowering a little...



Pink Flowers

One or two Rhododendrons in the Stornoway Castle grounds are opening.

The pink flowers of the salmonberry, a cane rather like raspberry, growing profusely as thickets in the castle grounds are just begining to open.



The rhododendrons, winter heliotrope, English Laurel, salmonberry and the snowdrops are all probably introduced plants here rather than native wildflowers (or shrubs), but at this time of the year when so few of the native wildflowers are about they are a very welcome sight, leading us into the Spring.


Some other signs of Spring:

The skylark is singing, the tufted ducks are in pairs rather than groups, and rumour has it that Kirsty in Carloway has a football sized frogspawn ball in her pond....

(toadspawn is laid in long strings)


If you spot other wildflowers in March in the Western Isles, please email the webmaster to have them added to this page.

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