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Succisa vulgaris

Gaelic name : Grunnasg

Wildflowers - Groundsel

Groundsel likes cultivated land and sand dunes.

If you have made your garden on land that was at start acid and boggy, welcome the sight of this plant because it's presence means your soil has become more lime, and most of your flowers and vegetables are going to be growing healthier, the drainage you have put in place is likely to be working!

Groundsel is one of the first plants flowering in Spring in the Hebrides, seeing it flowering means the annual gardener's challenge by attempted weed takeover has begun...


Groundsel is a probably a native plant of the Western Isles, although it may be a coloniser.

Photograph © Suzanne Harris
Tarbert - Isle of Harris - Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)
7th March, 2007

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