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Heath Bedstraw

Galium saxatile

Gaelic name: Màdar Fraoich


Heath Bedstraw

Heath Bedstraw is common on peaty heaths, roadsides and rocky places.

Wildflowers - Heath BedstrawStems of heath bedstraw are procumbent, which means that they trail or lay loosely on the ground. The stems have no hairs (glabrous) and are four-angled, together they form loose mats.

The length of the branches on the stem is shorter than the distance between two places on the stem where the leaves are bourne. (nodes)

The fruits are small round or ovoid swellings.

Heath bedstraw is a member of the bedstraw family, which is well represented in the Western Isles by field madder, ladies bedstraw, heath bedstraw, common marsh bedstraw and goosegrass.

These bedstraws are all native wildflowers of the Western Isles.

Photography © Ela Springwater
Uig - Isle of Lewis - Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)
17th June, 2007

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