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Heath Milkwort

Polygala vulgaris

Wildflowers - Heath MilkwortWildflowers - Heath Milkwort

Wildflowers - Heath Milkwort

Heath milkwort usually grows on the moorland, and on wet marshy grassland.

This wildflower is a low-growing plant which has several stems, each of which carry long-narrow, pointed leaves in pairs, and small flowers which are shaped like tiny udders. Heath milkwort usually occurs in either blue or pink forms, but sometimes (and much rarer) in white.


On the machair and in places where shell-sand, has either been deliberately added to enrich the soil or wind-blown another species of milkwort, the common milkwort grows.

Saltwort also is found in the Western Isles, that plant is sometimes known sea milkwort, it is not related to the common milkwort or heath milkwort and has no resemblance.

Photography © Kim Park
Isle of Great Bernera - Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)
21st May, 2006


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