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Western Isles wildflowers is a collection of information about our Hebridean wildflowers including identification hints, traditional herbal uses and general plant lore.


Monkey Flower

Mimulus guttatus

Gaelic name: Meilleag an Uillt

Wildflowers - Monkey Flower











Wildflowers - Monkey Flower

Monkey flower is a hairless plant except for it's closed floral envelope before the flower opens.

The large yellow trumpet-like flowers have small red spots in the throat of the flower.
The lower lip of the flower is a lot longer than the upper lip.
Monkey flower has a flowering period June through to August.

This wildflower likes to grow along steam banks.

We also get blotched monkey flower Mimulus luteus in the Western Isles, the splotched variety is the most common, and there are some hybrids of the two. (Blotched Monkey flower has yellow flowers with red splotches and with lower a lip just a little bit longer than the upper lip)

This wildflower is believed to be an introduced plant - not a native plant of the Western Isles. First recorded in the Western Isles in Stornoway in 1938.


Photography © Suzanne Harris
Gisla - Isle of Lewis - Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)
9th June, 2007

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