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Western Isles wildflowers is a collection of information about our Hebridean wildflowers including identification hints, traditional herbal uses and general plant lore.


Pink Wildflowers in the Western Isles

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Frog Orchid Frog Orchid Machair orchid, greenish in early June going deep pinkish-brown as season progresses
Wildflowers : Thrift
clumps near the sea, rocks cliffs and saltmarsh, often forms cushions, long narrow leaves
Wildflowers : Moss Campion
Grassy areas (usually near sea) sea cliffs and rocky ledges, forms moss-like cushions, studded with pink flowers
Wildflowers : Lousewort
rarely white
3-6", moorland and damp pasture, a few syems in a clump, leaves are small and comprised of leaflets
Wildflowers : Salmonberry
Stornoway castle grounds, abundant, canes and berries like a rasberry, (orange berries) pink flowers
Wildflowers : Groundsel 
18"-36", forms patches of growth
Wildflowers : Ragged Robin
damp meadows , like a raggedy campion, lots of butterflies
Foxglove Foxglove 3-4', Bzzz, bee-plant, tall single spikes, large, soft downy leaves, thimble-like flowers natural is pink other colours: purple, white, cream
Purple Heather Deep purple, fist heather to flower, dry rocks & moor , covers and colours much land in high summer

Page  1   2   3    pink wildflowers of the Western Isles




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May 27th Lush Green!

June 11th White

June 25th Pink



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