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Western Isles wildflowers is a collection of information about our Hebridean wildflowers including identification hints, traditional herbal uses and general plant lore.


Pink Wildflowers in the Western Isles

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Wildflowers : Cuckooflower
Lady's smock
8-18", grassy areas,
Wildflowers : Heath Milkwort
Heath Milkwort
Blue, pink, or rarely white
3-5", moorland, wet pasture land, flowers like tiny udders
Common Milkwort Common Milkwort
(also on blue or white)
3-5", machair, dry pastures, banks, flowers like tiny udders
Wildflowers : Heath Spotted-orchid
Often pink, lightly SCENTED, usually moorland, lightly spotted leaves, lower part of floret often wavy-edged, with small tooth in middle of a wide skirt
Hebridean Spotted-orchid Often deep pinkish-lilac, machair orchid, leaves lots spotted, LONG tooth in centre of lower petal of floret, often forms colonies
Heath-spotted orchid x Hebridean Spotted-orchid Often pink - variable (example: long centre tooth in the bottom petal of floret of a pale orchid found on moorland)
Northern Marsh-orchid Northern Marsh-orchid Usually VERY deep-coloured purple -sometimes very deep pink, lowerpetal of a floret looks diamond-shaped, no spots on leaves.
Northern Marsh Orchid x Heath Spotted Orchid Northern Marsh-orchid x Heath Spotted-ochid Variable (Example: Deep colour, diamond shape to lower part of floret, slightly spotted leaves
Early Marsh Orchid
Deep crimson, no spots on leaves, machair, bottom part of florets narrow-looking sides pulled back

Page  1   2   3    pink wildflowers of the Western Isles




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