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Western Isles wildflowers is a collection of information about our Hebridean wildflowers including identification hints, traditional herbal uses and general plant lore.


White Wildflowers in the Western Isles

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Wildflowers : Snowdrops
5-8", spring bulb,
Wildflowers : Lousewort
pink, rarely white
3-6", moorland and damp pasture, a few syems in a clump, leaves are small and comprised of leaflets
Wildflowers : Sticky Mouse-ear
2-15", clump, spreading shape, slightly sticky, hairy, mostly waste spaces, machair, roadsides,gardens,
Wildflowers : Sea Sandwort
4-8", angular shapes, fleshy leaves, shingle, sand, saltmarsh, strandline
Heath Milkwort Heath Milkwort
Blue, pink or white
3-5", moorland, wet pasture land, flowers like tiny udders
Common Milkwort Common Milkwort
Blue, pink or white
3-5", machair, dry pastures, banks, flowers like tiny udders
Horsetail 4-18", buff-stem with head carrying white spores, dies down followed by green stem a bit like a bottle brush
White Campion White Campion 12-24" slight night-time scent, fields, roadsides
Cotoneaster Cotoneaster 6-12", small in height, creeping shrub, likes walls and rocks, red berries

Page  1   2   3   4 white wildflowers of the Western Isles





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