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Western Isles wildflowers is a collection of information about our Hebridean wildflowers including identification hints, traditional herbal uses and general plant lore.


White Wildflowers in the Western Isles

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Hairy Bitter-cress
3"- 8", basal rosette, leaves have pairs of rounded leaflets, seeds pop fom long narrow pods, gardens and waste ground
Wildflowers : Daisy
Do you see weeds or wildflowers?
That is the question...
: Mountain Everlasting
6", grassland banks, ledges, papery, clublike, very downy
Wildflowers : Common Scurvy Grass
4-10", deep green, mostly at shoreline, very large plants with lots of flowers usually means mink or otter places
Wildflowers : Bogbean
in lochs, leaves like broad-bean and flowers held abobve the water, lochs turn pink-white with bogbean in Spring
Wildflowers : Heath Bedstraw
3-5", moorland, damp ground and road-side, profusion of tiny white flowers on angular stems
Wildflowers : Sea Arrow Grass
8", saltmarsh and seashore, long, slender leaves flat at tips
(marsh arrow-grass clyindrical tips)
Wildflowers : Sea Campion
8 -10", sea cliffs and shingle
Wildflowers : Winter Heliotrope
Stornoway castle grounds, first flower in the year, soft downy stem and leaves (large), flower-heads develop into large cone-shapes

Page  1   2   3   4 white wildflowers of the Western Isles




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