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Wild Hyacinth (English Bluebell)

Endymion non-scriptus

Gaelic name: Bròg na Cuthaig, Fuath-mhuc

Wildflowers : Wild hyacinth ( Bluebell ) Wildflowers : Wild hyacinth ( Bluebell )


This photograph of a wild hyacinth (bluebell) on the left was taken in mid-April, the flowers are not yet fully-opened. The one on the right was taken on the 12th May.

In the this type of bluebell on the English species the flowers grow just on one side of the stem, the others are Spanish bluebells.

The scottish bluebell (the harebell) looks very different and flowers here much later in the year (Likely June at the earliest)

The wild hyacinth grows in woods, on cliffs by sea and lochs and in stream ravines.

A similar plant to the wild hyacinth is spring squill which flowers at around the same time on clifftops and maritime heath.

Wild hyacinth is a native plant of the Western Isles.


Photography (Left) image © Debbie Bozkurt
Stornoway - Isle of Lewis - Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)
13th April, 2007

Photography (Right) image © Suzanne Harris
Croir - Great Bernera - Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)
12th May, 2007

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