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Wild Pansy

Viola tricolor

Gaelic name: Goirmean-searradh

Wild pansy

Wild pansy is a native plant of the Western Isles. It is found on the machair and in our arable fields. It is often highly coloured and flowers from April to September. Wild pansy has fairly rounded leaves and petals longer than it's sepals (the petals that make up the floral envelope). The main species of wild pansy is an annual plant, a new plant growing from seed each year.

We also get a sub-species of the wild pansy, another native plant, the seaside pansy,Viola tricolor curtissi - this one is yellow, and found on the machair and in the sand-dunes. The seaside pansy is a perennial, it's roots travel underground searching for new nutrients, sending up slender stems to the surface each year.

Another species of pansy growing wild in the Western Isles is the field pansy. This is very variable in colour. A field pansy's petals are shorter than it's sepals and it's leaves are pointed. The field pansy is a wild pansy that grows in arable fields and gardens. Field pansy is an annual wildflower and again a native plant to the Western Isles.

There are old records of the mountain pansy occuring here, but they date back to the 1800's.

Photography © Suzanne Harris
Northton - Isle of Harris - Outer Hebrides (Western Isles)
1st July, 2006

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